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Class Schedule
Dates Theology Classes Teacher Ministry Classes Teacher Bible    Classes Teacher Religion/  Apologetics Classes Teacher
14-Jan Bibliology I Pastor Thomas Leake     The Pentateuch Pastor Roderick Montgomery    
28-Jan     Deacon Class Mr. Douglas Baldridge     Overview of the Reformation Pastor Alan Plumley
11-Feb Bibliology II Pastor Thomas Leake     Historical Books Part 1. Pastor Matt White    
25-Feb     Leadership Class Pastor Thomas Leake      
Women’s Class Part 1. Mrs. Susan Leake
11-Mar Theology Proper Pastor Matt White     Poetry Books  Pastor John Chester    
25-Mar Missions Conference at Hope Bible Church – No GAMA Classes
8-Apr Angelology Pastor Thomas Leake         Evangelism Pastor Jordan Standridge
29-Apr             Apologetics Mr. David Mora
Islam Pastor Alan Plumley
13-May Anthropology Pastor Thomas Leake     Historical Books I Pastor Alan Plumley    
27-May Principles of Interpretation
Pastor George Lawson     Minor Prophets
Pastor Joe Babij    
10-Jun Hamartiology Pastor Thomas Leake     Life of Christ Pastor Dave Jordan    
 (4 Gospels)
24-Jun     Personal Discipline/ Discipleship Pastor Rodney Pearce     Roman Catholicism vs. Protestantism Pastor Paul Shirley
8-Jul Christology  Pastor John Chester     Acts/ Major Pauline Epistle Mr. David Mora    
22-Jul Hope Bible Church Annual Picnic – No GAMA Classes
12-Aug Soteriology I Pastor Thomas Leake     Minor Pauline Epistles Pastor Matt White    
26-Aug Ecclesiology Part 1.  Pastor Thomas Leake Women’s Class Part 2 Mrs. Susan Leake        
9-Sep Soteriology II Pastor Thomas Leake     General Epistles  Pastor Dave Jordan     
23-Sep     Eldership Class Pastor Thomas Leake        
Missiology Pastor Roderick Montgomery
14-Oct Pneumatology Mr. David Mora     Romans  Pastor Thomas Leake     
28-Oct         Early Church History Pastor Thomas Leake Sanctification Pastor Paul Shirley
11-Nov         Historical Books Part 2.  Mr. David Mora  Evangelicalism  Pastor Nate Graham
25-Nov Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology  Mr. David Mora     Major Prophets  Pastor Dave Jordan    
2-Dec Ecclesiology II Pastor Thomas Leake Preaching Part 1: Preparing the Message Pastor Paul Shirley        
16-Dec Lab & Eschatology Mr. David Mora Creeds & Councils Mr. Sterling Brown        
Preaching Part 2. Pastor Thomas Leake
Please click here to download the class schedule (subject to change).